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A time series can be calculated through a leading series b coincident series c logging series d all the above. In a monopolistically competitive market the number of firm is a 1 b 2 c few d very large D Ans d On the other hand, durable consumer goods are those which go on being used over a period of time, e.

Which shows various combinations of two products that give same amount of satisfaction? Economic theory hypothesizes economic relationships and builds economic models but managerial economics adopts, modifies, and reformulates economic models to suit the specific conditions and serves the specific problem solving process.

business multiple choice questions

For example, at an output of 13 units, the total cost is Rs. Which steps improve adverse BOP? Marginal utility curve.

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Who development and the time preference theory of intrest? Organizational efficiency does not include a administrative efficiency b entrepreneurial efficiency c managerial efficiency d technical efficiency D Obviously, firms producing distant substitutes would be excluded from the purview of the industry.

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An exceptional demand curve is one that moves a upward to the right b downward to the right c horizontally d upward to the left. A decision is not profitable if a it increases revenue more than costs. What would be the value of elasticity of demand, if the demand for the good is perfectly inelastic? Elasticity of production under monopolistic competition is a Equal to one b More than one c Less than one d Equal to zero B Which is not an internal factor causing business cycle? Industry Demand and Company Demand: The term industry demand is used to denote the total demand for the products of a particular industry, e. When demand is slack and market is highly competitive the following method of pricing may be adopted a full cost pricing b marginal cost pricing c peak load pricing d penetration pricing B Say, there is a recent study that an apple can make people look 5 years younger if you eat 10 pieces of apples a day. A In the short- run, the question is whether competitors will follow suit; while in the long-run, entry of potential competitors, exploration of substitutes, and other complex and unforeseeable effects may follow. What is Perfect Competition?
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