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Property and Equipment Depending on the nature of your business, you may have assets such as Buildings, Land, Capital Improvements and Machinery.

When in doubt, please read that one. In future months, we calculate starting subscribers by looking at how many customers we had at beginning of the previous month and then add in new subscribers and subtract customers that decided to cancel.

For subscriptions, you normally estimate new subscriptions per month and canceled subscriptions per month, and leave a calculation for the actual subscriptions charged.

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Tax In most parts of the world, you will have to pay income on your earnings. Profit and loss This sheet calculates your profit and loss for each year over a 5 year period.

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The illustration below shows how Garrett uses estimated margins to project the direct costs for his bicycle store. For a Year-to-Year summary on 1 page, you can hide the columns containing the monthly data prior to printing. Apply some reasonable assumption to a month, and you have some idea. This is excellent for real business planning. Want to learn more about forecasting sales? In case your company is not meeting the anticipated revenue growth in such an economy, the following are some ideas that you can consider when working on your sales forecast template: Concentrate on market niche services Introduce enhancements or add-ons to your services to raise the selling price Remove some products from your line of products, especially the ones that are doing badly Introduce smaller projects Add new products that could encourage buying Establishing the efficiency of your sales team Another area where you have to pay attention when you are working on the sales projection templates is the type of team you have. If you think sales forecasting is hard, try running a business without a forecast. In a business plan or presentation, you should probably use a chart to help communicate your forecast.

Your marketing milestones affect your sales. Other Liabilities Use this section to enter any liabilities not covered by the pre-defined labels.

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Gross Margin is a useful basis of comparison between different industries and between companies within the same industry. With these estimates, you can then work on strategies to help you meet your business goals and objectives.

This will make it easier for you to make near accurate projections for the coming trading period. You have to deal with assets and liabilities that aren't in the profits and loss statement and project the net worth of your business at the end of the fiscal year.

I have more business templates that you can use for your business:. This will allow you to get an idea of whether or not you can afford to borrow a bit extra, if you feel it would allow you to push your business into higher places, or whether you need to shop around for a better interest rate or adjust the loan term in order to afford the loan payments.

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Operating Expenses Some parts of this are already filled in based on information you put on the Model Inputs, for example, depreciation, maintenance and interest on long-term debt. What you want is to lay out the sales drivers and interdependencies, to connect the dots, so that as you review plan versus actual results every month, you can easily make course corrections. It's really a shame, because they could have used it as a tool for managing the company. And, by the way, there is a lesson there about estimating and educated guesses: Magda calculates 97 coffees per day. That may be true for some professionals like accountants and lawyers, but a lot of services do have direct costs. The best way to do that, Berry says, is to look at past results. Estimate price assumptions With a simple revenue-only assumption, you do one row of units as shown in the above illustration, and you are done. If your business is just starting out, you may be able to command higher prices for your products or services as the years go on, as you build up brand recognition and a good reputation. They are going to want to see numbers that say your business will grow--and quickly--and that there is an exit strategy for them on the horizon, during which they can make a profit. This is more important in the event that you are operating in an economy that is doing badly. Look for drivers To forecast sales for a new restaurant , first, draw a map of tables and chairs and then estimate how many meals per mealtime at capacity, and in the beginning.

He says multiply estimated profits times your best-guess tax percentage rate to estimate taxes.

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