Case studies poor nursing documentation

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The cardiologist interpreted the echocardiogram as showing left ventricular hypertrophy, but with normal systolic function and a normal aorta. If the diagnosis is correct, all is well; if not, the patient may suffer.

Case studies poor nursing documentation

Case Study 3 CASE: Nurse Z was experiencing multiple stressors at home including the fact that her husband was unemployed and her seventeen year daughter had started drinking alcohol and had been arrested for drinking while intoxicated DUI.

This case poses two dilemmas — one clinical and one legal — that may complicate the management of similar medical malpractice cases. Further, the patient was in the ED for 2 hours before she received any analgesia, other than what she had received in the ambulance. Following that, she quickly progressed into respiratory arrest.

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The cardiologist may not have been aware of the hospital's autopsy protocol, but hospital personnel should have been. The PA noted that the patient was "sore all over" and drowsy, but arousable.

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Zion died from cardiac arrest. Examples of Medical Documentation Errors One of the most famous cases in medical history that resulted in the regulation of the number of hours that resident physicians are allowed to work is also a case study in clinical documentation failures. The police arrested Nurse Z and took her to jail. The patient's cardiac enzymes were normal. The PA ordered a nitroglycerine drip, enoxaparin, beta-blockers and aspirin, and an echocardiogram. Nurse C stated she was not running a fever and her sputum was thick and green in color. In regard to the second risk issue, at least two hospital protocols were violated. Nurse Z decided to drive to the police station. However, she soon developed profound bradycardia followed by cardiac arrest.
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Unraveling the mystery of nursing documentation