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Just as needling acupuncture or applying pressure acupressure and Shiatsu to meridians and acupoints, color in the form of lightcrystalsessential oilsetc.

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Even though many attest to the value of color therapy, the hard science behind the treatment isn't exactly tangible yet; however, advocates assert that people respond positively to the treatment. If you follow the basic advice given here, you will discover that color vibrational treatment can supplement all other forms of spiritual healing and indeed can supplement orthodox methods of healing. It influences emotional issues like financial independence and physical survival. An application of blue color vibrations will also help people to sleep who suffer with mild insomnia. Colour is no exception. Just about everyone has heard of surrounding people with the "White Light of Healing and Protection. No minimum order required and subscription and set-up are free. Aversion to grey:A personwho has an aversion to grey may prefers to be straight to the point, no time for political and tactical attitudes. Water is well known to be a powerful conductor of energy, so it is an natural choice for transmitting color energy into the body. Yesterday and today, I started looking at color therapy by accident. So therefore I suggest that violet light is confined mainly to the forehead, the back and front of the head, the back and front of the neck and in concentrated form over the heart and between the shoulder blades for a total time of fifteen minutes. Tones the general system. Brings you in contact with your feelings.

An application of blue color vibrations will also help people to sleep who suffer with mild insomnia. Stimulates ovulation and menstruation.

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Green rings psychological and emotional harmony and balance. The Sacral Chakra, located 2 or 3 inches below the navel, is represented by orange.

The vibrations of colors in color therapy sessions enhance your mood and improve your overall health.

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Also, may be reluctant to think originally or to walk new paths. Two of the ways color and water can be used are: Infusing color into filtered water via the sun for internal consumption, and color light with a shower or tub.

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