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Mediation research findings[ edit ] Mediation has been studied in both the laboratory and the field. Chapter One presents an overview of the field of conflict studies. Aggression, domination and violent impulses of human beings which cause and deepen conflict 2. What negotiation techniques are best applied to disputes within the family? Research Questions The study addresses the following research questions: - What are the types and sources of conflict in the area handled by the Mezard indigenous conflict resolution mechanism? Statement of the Problem Africans, as any other people elsewhere, have their own philosophy of life. Class divisions, racial or ethnic divisions or sex divisions form the basis for social conflict. First, critical mass to understand the rationale of undertaking CRR. If the West is setting the agenda in CRR, it is also very much entrenched in the established patterns of the conceptual and theoretical dimensions of research and conflict resolution. Eventually, the conflict floats into the later stage. London: Pinter, , p. Content Analysis. Some authors trace the genealogy of what is now known as mediation to early Greek and Chinese cultures. There were no courts or highly formalized procedures and institutions to speak of when they were first developed and practiced. The above idea implies, every society has its own culturally deep-rooted mechanisms of conflict resolution.

Statement of the Problem Africans, as any other people elsewhere, have their own philosophy of life. They may also pursue remedies through state-formalized ADR. It involves direct observation of behavior.

When conflict is severe, mediators often have to be quite active and even pushy e.

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Scope and Limitation of the Study The Raya people have a number of indigenous practices with interesting socio-cultural and economic practices. There are direct and indirect depending on their magnitude and manifestation. Non-traditional conflicts particularly resource based conflicts require the use of both qualitative and quantitative research methods whereas, traditional conflicts can be studied by using research methods which are not scientific oriented. My warmest and honorable thanks also goes to Abreha Hailezgi, lecturer in Mekelle University, for all the encouragements and his honest and constructive preliminary piece of advice he gave to me regarding the topic of the research. As there is the notion of society and the very existence of peoples, there is obviously conflict no matter the extent as well as the source of it. Continued third-party attention to the conflict has been found to encourage compliance to agreements reached at the end of internal war Hampson, It may not be an easy task because one cannot expect immediate results from a research study on a particular conflict. Constituency of peace activists capable of disseminating ideas and literature on undertaking conflict resolution research. This institution was chosen for its unique characteristics in form, procedures and content. Systematic quantitative research has begun to emerge. It could also be manifested in a form of war between nations or groups of different interests.

Contrary to a negative climate, this form of communication seeks to create a positive, more tolerable environment. Robin Thicke versus Marvin Gaye.

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According to Macfarlane , the formal one is conducted in the court through litigation with official recognition of the government and tends to be more strictly examined and monitored whether there are signs of impartiality, entrenched inequities and lack of due process. Now, with the deepening of conflicts at various levels, both traditional and non-traditional, the need for investigating the causes and implications of conflict became very obvious. Negotiation research[ edit ] Negotiation , the most heavily researched approach to conflict resolution, has mainly been studied in laboratory experiments, in which undergraduate participants are randomly assigned to conditions. Systematic quantitative research has begun to emerge. What is conflict resolution research and how it evolved? It is impossible to see them independently; they are always together making two faces of the same coin. Arbitration 8. Therefore, in order to seek better results from CRR, one needs to examine what are the impediments and how these could be removed.

Thus conflict resolution involves process oriented activities that aims to address the underlying causes of direct, structural and cultural violence Walters,while simultaneously finding a way to respect their underlying values and identities Spangler, There were no courts or highly formalized procedures and institutions to speak of when they were first developed and practiced.

Several researches are done on several indigenous conflict resolution mechanisms in Ethiopia in among nations, nationalities and ethnic groups of Ethiopia.

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Generally, Indigenous Dispute Resolution processes were all that the communities had in common.

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