Creative way of writing alphabets online

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Write the 26 letters of the alphabet in random order on a plain shower curtain. Make a list of the activities or things that mean the most to a child and then practice learning how to spell these words. Read More. If you enjoyed this article, please help spread it by clicking one of those sharing buttons below. Take photographs of friends, family and familiar places and spell names out to label them. They should arrange the straw segments so they look like a letter when viewed from above. There is an extensive range of devices, depending on what kind of style you are going for in your lettering. Make learning how to spell fun and relevant. Worry not. Even older ESL students will be challenged as they review letters of the alphabet while putting their memories to the test.

Find new ways of writing. Read more spelling tips. And for your beginning students just learning how to use the English alphabet, here are some fun games to help teach and review the alphabet in your class.

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Start by rolling several pieces into long snake like tubes and then cut and combine them to form fun letters and words. Play until everyone has at least one turn. But hands-on games are a great way to move beyond repetitive drills and memorization, so kids can have fun and learn to spell at the same time.

Prima starts each project with this simple warm-up.

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There are more than educational games on the site. Give each student his foam sheet, a small mallet, stick or other pounding instrument and several wooden golf tees.

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Rehearsing a song is also a great way to check you have the spelling right when you get stuck. Homework is often workbook-based, yet creative and multi-sensory activities make for fun projects that can entertain kids and help them spell. For these students and others like them, learning the English alphabet is often the very first step to learning the language and achieving fluency.

Games are one of the best tools for motivating kids to learn because they are aimed at promoting fun. Then make a set of cards that show each letter in detail.

Creative way of writing alphabets online

Also, choose between capitals and small letters to make the child recognize both. When a student finds an item, he should place it on the piece of paper labeled with its initial letter. Try going to the supermarket. This tile should have the same initial letter as the word for each of the pictures. Simply write each capital letter on one card and its lower case letter on the other card. Making it fun and effective Sometimes adolescents and older learners find it hard to get into some of the more child-oriented activities. The site for preschoolers is based on the live-action series of the same name narrated by Joan Cusack. Or ask them to count the condiments. Touch-type Read and Spell If a student likes to research on the computer, you may consider a touch-typing course that helps with spelling and keyboarding at the same time. Finally, I do all the details and shading that make the piece look finalized! Create Your Own Crossword Puzzle Luckily there are free online tools like Discovery Education's puzzlemaker program to help you make puzzles. If you can get a hold of some beads with letters on them, it can also be fun to string words together and then wear them as a bracelet or necklace. Students should find the correct letter on their foam and pound a golf tee into the foam to cover it.

After collecting or purchasing a sheet of foam for each of your students, write the letters of the alphabet in random places on the foam.

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Fun Writing Games for Kids