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Although I enjoy eating out now and again and usually do so about once a week, it is not something I could do every day. MY restaurant would be open monday-sunday 9 am to 10 pm and on sunday 10 am to 7 pm. My second thing about my restaurant would be that it would give the best service provided and no rude employees would be tolerated.

Some restaurants don't do it like that, they freeze there meat so it doesn't come out as good and people don't go back.

observation essay on a restaurant

Similarly, we have no other overheads to pay for such as restaurant rent and high utility bills. The outlook for the future is promising. The objective of this research is mainly to emphasize the consumer behaviors in business organization on the restaurant industry.

Than your first step would be what kind of restaurant and where it should be located. However Costa is growing much faster in recent 5 years.

Essay about restaurant food

Even so, there are few people who eat out all the time and eating at home has many points in its favor. I would sell the sea food half price,because just for this holiday. I can picture in my mind exactly how it would look and feel to my customers. It will be open every day. I visit this restaurant 2 to 3 per week; it is located on a hill in the Bahsass area in front of the sea, so you can imagine how beautiful the view is up there. I did my observation over Thanksgiving break after my family cut our Christmas tree down. Just keep in mind that I am a Sailor that has been around the world for the last 20 years. Our restaurant would be in Riverdale because there are not a lot of places to eat here. I would make it a five-star very fancy restaurant. In this street civilization. There are some restaurants that serve all the meals throughout the day breakfast, Write a business report on the 'Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation KFC ', one of the world's largest chicken restaurant chain. Other people would make different things but not us thats why I would open a mexican restaurant. It will have three different sizes of tables like 4 people tables, 6 people table and group tables 10 chairs.

That way people will never stop going. I have been going there with my family every year since I was a young child. The restaurant served your everyday American food.

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He has been a manager for the restaurant for the past 7 years. A Buffet that serves all kinds of foods. The focus will be on Asian menu. My restaurant would be called El Borracho. The exterior of my future restaurant it going to have a big and decorative sign that will be visible from long distance. The business plan was made by one Mr. I think this class reading tantrums with two class constructs from the talks in category and the text edition. This special place perhaps is a place where people have a dream to go for a vacation, honeymoon, or relax. If Sanjay takes the job offered by the management consulting firm he would earn a salary of The second option is to open an upscale restaurant that will serve Indian gourmet cuisine. I wold just have Mexican food on the menu. But initially they are focusing on the restaurants industry.
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