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Yes, there are male and female. When Jordan Smith was fifteen years old she finally realized just how different she was in comparison to other girls her age. In her book Sex Differences in Social Behavior: A Social-role Interpretation, Alice Eagly affirms the idea that gender roles are a direct result of one's social interactions. After I have explained both positions I will analyze the two and put forth my argument that diverse gender identity captures a more accurate depiction of gender. In the article Transgender Frequently Asked Questions, gender identity is defined as how the person defines themselves, and by how they feel about their gender Heffernan No group showed less interest in the infants than the male children with siblings. When it comes to sexuality it is in reference to what gender of person that they are attracted to. There are multiple definitions of identity, more theorists have intense debates of the real basis of describing, whether it is ontological or metaphysical. What is it exactly and how does one learn it and identify with it. Manner and style of behavior and physical gestures and other nonverbal actions identified as masculine or feminine. Individuals own identity, thoughts , beliefs , actions depends on how he or she is socialized.

Imagine for a moment that you are a two year old boy drawn to the color pink, make up, and skirts. Boys tend to be more "rough and tumble" in their play while girls shy away from this aggressive behavior, leading to the formation of separate play groups.

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Especially among boys, behavior and habits associated with the opposite gender are deemed undesirable and punishable traits. Lindsey and Jacquelyn Mize, context can have a big effect on the types of activities children will partake in.

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I never really thought about this much until I started taking classes that talked about gender identity. Fa'afafine Main article: Fa'afafine In some Polynesian societies, fa'afafine are considered to be a third gender. For example, mothers who practiced more traditional behaviors around their children resulted in the son displaying fewer stereotypes of male roles while the daughter displayed more stereotypes of female roles. Women still have roles to fulfill, even in a modern society that is dominated by a virtual world. As children mature and refine their ideas about what it means to be a man or a woman, it gradually becomes acceptable to approach individuals of the other sex. Children take cues from their environment and the people around them to form gender identity. Gender Roles and Stereotypes Essay - Girls are supposed to play with dolls, wear pink, and grow up to become princesses. This viewpoint is validated in a recent study by Goldberg, Kashy, and Smith, which showed that sons of lesbian mothers were less masculine in the way in which they played than those of gay fathers or heterosexual parents. Gender Identity p. In , Claire Hughes found parents of young girls were more likely to have more positive overall affect and stronger discipline.

They begin labeling objects as "for girls" or "for boys" and conform to what is expected of them. First and foremost, a few key terms to keep in mind while reading this paper.

As a child and teen, I loved to climb trees, lift weights, and play football.

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Khaniths have their own households, performing all tasks both male and female. Gender identity is now defined as one 's personal experience of one 's own gender. Gender, Gender And Gender Identity - Gender Identity Gender identity is considered to be a spectrum of beliefs and emotions rather than the traditional sense of a dichotomy of male and female Eagly, Your Gender Identity is how you perceive yourself and what you call yourself. The premise is that the child will take on board the patterns of behaviour, appropriate to and reinforce masculine and feminine behaviours to the child. Often shortened to trans. Sex The difference between sex and gender is fairly simple. His work at Johns Hopkins Medical School 's Gender Identity Clinic established in popularized an interactionist theory of gender identity, suggesting that, up to a certain age, gender identity is relatively fluid and subject to constant negotiation. The clear-cut distinction between men and women is based from the gender roles that the society abides by. Those types of people would be called cisgender. Generally past generations assumed that there are only two gender identities that correspond with the two sexes, male and female. If your child doesn't excel in sports or even have an interest in them, for example, there will still be many other opportunities and areas in which he or she can thrive. Hire Writer Gender identity, is considered to be subjectively experienced, rather than being physically acted out. Most importantly, Fagot's study shows the effect of gender segregation on children; boys tended to respond more readily to feedback from other boys while girls likewise responded to feedback from other girls. Gender identity is often shaped by societal and cultural influences.

One could argue that sex refers to biological essentialism and the idea that we are who we are because of our genetic material.

Social Learning Theory is in keeping with the nurture side of the debate, promoting the importance of all environmental factors, through reinforcement and modelling of acceptable gender appropriate behaviours.

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