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That will be followed by the efforts required at the individual and collective spheres. Overpopulation is even having an adverse effect on agricultural outcome. Next time: Can economic history settle the debate between demographers and economists? The largest ethnic group in Pakistan consists of those of Punjabi ethnicity, while Pashtuns and Sindhis are the second and third largest ethnic groups in the country, respectively. They hypothesized that larger families have fewer aggregate resources and fewer resources per child. Recommendations and Conclusion y y y y y y y y y y Family planning facilities be made a part of health facilities There should be a greater role for local and provincial governments Role of NGOs and doctors in disbursement of Aid received for family panning Males should be urged to cooperate more Status of women to be raised in society as done by present government by giving more seats in assemblies Better health and educational facilities for women Issue to be taken as a national crisis Role of media to be encouraged especially in rural areas Government programs should involve Ullemas and NGOs Greater participation of landlords Problem of overpopulation is very serious because it leads to frustration, which means chaos. But on the other end, they would also be a lot richer as a country. There are approximately. The downside, unfortunately, is that doctors and nurses are still in short number for the citizens that need them. Impact of Economy Overpopulation has badly hampered the economic growth in the country. Government started providing family planning services at its health centers in Therefore, the role of religious leaders emerges as an important aspect if we are to succeed against this menace. Headey and A.

It will not only generate awareness against the hazards of overpopulation among the masses but will also create a healthy environment for birth control methods to flourish. All the efforts made in the past seem to have gone in vain. The role of media is also an important factor.

pakistan population 2019

It is equally true of Pakistan. More population means smaller farms, and that leads to a decline in productivity. It is time that they join in against the fight for a better future.

As ofmen were expected to live around Over the next ten years, the estimated population grew by about 34 million people. Impact of Economy Overpopulation has badly hampered the economic growth in the country.

population of pakistan

Birdsall, A. Pakistan is a developing country and as many others like it is trying hard to survive in the capitalist world.

When it comes to sanitation access, only The life expectancies of males and females are generally the same in Pakistan.

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Is population growth good or bad for economic development?