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Summary Andrew J. Chesterton put it: "America is the only nation in the world that is founded on a creed. We were supposed to be a beacon of liberty and freedom. Foreigners have come here to live the dream, and all the while Americans are still struggling to find it. As Wells put it: "Essentially America is a middle-class [which has] become a community and so its essential problems are the problems of a modern individualistic society, stark and clear. Defenses for the idea of American Exceptionalism American Upheaval and antimonarchism The thoughts that made the American Upheaval were gotten from a convention of antimonarchism that had been revoked by the British standard. Being an American, however, is an ideological commitment. Exceptionalism, although believed to be given to America only, is not unique for America but for all countries All sides made a virtue of isolation and ignorance. In , John L. He spoke of America as a nation in defense of humanity, of the oppressed, of all nations, of the rights of conscience.

He published a series of essays titled the American Crisis Papers. For my part, the really odd thing about all the recent endorsements of American exceptionalism is that the very expression came into the world as the name for a Communist heresy.

America exceptionalism is seen through a biased lens.

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Motivational as it may sometimes be, this concept contains troubling notions regarding American Exceptionalism and who is deserving of the American dream One of those characteristics is community life.

Some historians credit the terms origins to Alex de Tocqueville, the 19th century French historian.

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During the founding of America, America was different than any other place. It seems to have originated in debates in the s and s among American communists over whether some unique characteristic of American society inhibited the transition from capitalism to socialism. Stephen M.

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