Essays on social reform movements india

All the zamindars, native officers and others who had been a link between the Government and the masses were made responsible for reporting if any sati was practised in their areas.

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It led to a great debate and finally resulted in social reforms of great importance. This conflict, The American Revolution, may be the first significant radical movement in the history of the United States.

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He ran away from home at the age of twenty. During the first half of the 19th century only a handful of Muslims had accepted English education. Bhandarkar were the two great leaders of the Samaj.

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Rammohan Roy was one of the earliest propagators of modern Western education. The Theosophical Society, particularly Dr.

Essays on social reform movements india

It played an important role in carrying forward the reformist movement that had already emerged in the province. During this time period, certain aspects of American life were in need of drastic change, so progressives led the charge towards reforming American society and politics. He argued that ancient Hindu texts the Vedas and the Upanishads upheld the doctrine of monotheism. His study of Hebrew, Greek and English enabled him to penetrate in the Christian teachings as well. Revival and Progress of Brahmo Samaj: The premature death of Raja Ram Mohan Roy in gave a severe set-back to the Brahmo Samaj and its progress was greatly checked due to proper organization and leadership. Some started to lose interest in religion. Although he has been dead for years, his soul animates modern India. Often, this perspective came into conflict with the needs of the rural society at the time. Annie Besant herself made India her permanent home and played a prominent role in Indian politics. The Gilded Age was plagued with the problems that, the reconstruction period failed to solve. People strongly believed that they could escape from the punishment of sin, purify themselves and earn religious merit by bathing in the Ganges, offering money to the Brahmans and Vaishnavas, going on pilgrimage to the sacred places and by keeping fast. Abolition of Slavery: Islam had recognized the institution of slavery and we come across even the slave dynasty which ruled India.
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