How did eratoshenes measured the circumference of the earth essay

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He set out to measure its size using a sound method that has stood the test of time. Morison, pThe Modern Approach — Triangulation The idea behind triangulation is that if you know one side of a triangle and all its angles, then you can solve the triangle, that is, find the other sides.

So by taking the amount by which the shadow at Syene is exceeded by that at Alexandria, they also determine this amount as one-fiftieth part of the great circle in the sundial.

How did eratosthenes measure the size of the earth in 240 bc

Reading example essays works the same way! However, this was only a beginning. According to these leading experts, The Heavens was likely written in the late second century AD, conceivably as early as 50 AD, almost certainly not much after AD Bowen and Todd, pp. Eratosthenes B. Basically, local noon is half-way between sunrise and sunset. His basic concept was identical to that of Eratosthenes; it's just that now the earth surveying and celestial measurements were being done in a highly refined way based on new technologies. De Caelo , by Aristotle. He established a final value of stadia per degree, which implies a circumference of , stadia. For the southern hemisphere winter and summer solstices are exchanged. On the next solstice, Eratosthenes measured the shadow cast at Alexandria at midday by a vertical pointer thin stylus of known height. Let us know! There's a problem with this paper. The method used by Eratosthenes was sound in theory, but his data and assumptions were inaccurate.

Therefore, he has been called the founder of mathematical geography. That is the required geometry, all of it. As mentioned above, this is very close to being correct, assuming Arab miles.

How eratosthenes measured circumference of earth

Modern timepieces were lacking, so noon had to be approximated at Alexandria when the shadow was measured. You can use a relatively large scale map, but take in account that maps tend to distort distance and the best option is to use a globe. This sieve, which is called, the Sieve of Eratosthenes, is still important today in number research theory. Jean Picard used all these technologies in his triangulation of the meridian through Paris in You can also obtain the angle, without trigonometry, by drawing the stick and shadow proportionally and measuring it with a protractor. The number one is not included because it only has one divisor, itself. But in principle you would know that the sun was overhead if you could see its reflection at the bottom.

Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. Many scholars that preceded Eratosthenes in the study of the Nile river, tried to figure out the reason why parts of the river flooded while other parts did not.

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There are several ways to compute its exact occurrence. They're not intended to be submitted as your own work, so we don't waste time removing every error.

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