How to write a recipe book for kindle

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Design or buy a template for your ebook 4. Other apps Other apps you could use include the following. This will bring up step 1 of what we call the "Book Information" page. Then I recreated simplified versions of them to use as my ebook template. Ebook Design I designed the cover and layout of both my ebooks myself. I had much more fun designing this one! Choose an app to create the ebook 2. After you have completed all the steps, review your information and confirm it is correct. Hope you found this useful! We recommend saving your money and not using one for most Kindle books. You can only specify from a baby to 18 years old. So before you go an create your entire ebook in an app, only to find that the file size is 60MB for a 20 page book, do a test run!

Then you need to upload the ebook somewhere where you can provide your readers with a link to download it. Click the link "Do-it-yourself" and select "Set up book now.

How to write a recipe book for kindle

Book Release Option The book release allows you to delay the launch of your book or to release it right away. US Grade Range This specifies the suggested reading level for readers of your book. How big is the file? My first ebook is 39MB which I think is far too big. Like little tips. My first ebook made with Word was 39MB for a 33 page ebook with a photo on almost every page. Remember: If the file size is too large, people will struggle to download it! To add a new title, you will first click on the "Create New Title" button from your Bookshelf page. Are you happy with the image quality? We write more in-depth about what DRM means. Hope you found this useful! Now multiply that by the file size.

I use my ebooks as incentive for visitors to my blog to sign up to my mail list. Now multiply that by the file size.

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But I also included a few recipes exclusively for the ebook. As part of this process you will have to enter several different pieces of information.

Because my ebooks were intended to be free for readers, I mainly included recipes on my blog. Upload or Create a Cover This is where you upload your cover.

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This is what mine looks like. You can either choose worldwide or select individual territories. To add a new title, you will first click on the "Create New Title" button from your Bookshelf page.

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Welcome to Self Publishing Made Easy! A bank account also needs to be added for direct deposits. Preview Your Book Once you've uploaded all the files for your book you can preview the book online or download any of the desktop Kindle preview programs.

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