How to write a world news article

Cut out extra words - See how many words you can eliminate.

How to write a news story

Find a good paper Thousands of scientific papers are published each week. Tony Rogers has an M. But they can be placed lower down in the story, not at the very top. If a lede is well-written, it will give the reader a basic idea of what the story is about, even if they skip over the rest of the story. Newsworthy Data Some news pieces are created around data. Bestselling self-published authors have also helped remove the negative stigma associated with self-publishing. The end quote is a good way to sum things up. Other details — the names of the deceased, the address of their home, when the fire occurred — should certainly be included. So if the lede of your story focuses on the fact that two people were killed in the house fire, the paragraphs that immediately follow the lede should elaborate on that fact. Put on your press hat The print industry may be dying, but journalism certainly is not.

You might salvage a sentence or two, but email makes for clunky quotes: people do not speak the way they write. A scene-setter lede introduces the article by highlighting a key location in the story - A broken-down cargo ship drifts towards the fringes of Australia's Great Barrier Reef amid fears of major damage to the World Heritage-listed site.

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Obviously, what makes the story interesting is the fact that a celebrity is involved. Who is the story about?

how to write a newspaper article for school

Related Articles. How did it happen?

How to write a newspaper article grade 10

Get them to explain their results and justify their conclusions. Chat about the paper on the phone. Usually the writer gives the story a working title, sometimes called a "slug," which is also the name of the electronic file where the story is saved. Let's say you're writing a story about a celebrity who dies in a car crash. Is what you said what you meant to say? It could include interviews with individuals, and it might involve a lot of additional and specific research. Then, the story unfolds further in the following paragraphs. Run phrases you might use past the authors, so they can warn you of howlers. All editorial or analysis news pieces should clearly state that they have a bias, allowing readers to better understand the context of the story. Then jot down ideas for the following six sections. Check for accuracy - Have you spelled names correctly? But they can be placed lower down in the story, not at the very top. Journalists are trained to write content that will hook readers from the first sentence and make them want to read on.

Details such as the people's names, their ages and how long they had lived in the home would all be important to include immediately following the lede sentence.

All names have to be spelled correctly, all facts need to be checked and re-checked, and every quote needs to be verified with the source, too.

How to write a world news article

Make your story clear and informed. Who is the story about? So don't make things worse by introducing errors of your own. What could happen? Be right Don't write a story that is wrong. Two words may not seem like a lot, but imagine cutting two words from every sentence in a inch news article. Have you added details that slow down readers' scanning? Story Follows The Lede The other important aspect of structuring a news article is making sure the story follows logically from the lede this is a deliberate misspelling of "lead," which prevented confusion among typesetters in the early days of newspapers. Some scientists will email you thick paragraphs of reaction. Get them to explain their results and justify their conclusions. Who did it happen to? There is no bias or editorial viewpoint; it is just a report of what happened.
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Writing a Newspaper Article