How to write an epic rock song

This song features a really cool riff and catchy lyrics. So pull out your water bong or hash pipe and waste some time you won't remember losing. It is also pretty notable for containing not only an enormous keyboard solo but also an outrageous guitar solo from Ritchie Blackmore.

While the song is the band's biggest single, it's no less complex or arresting than the rest of their work - musically prodigious and melodically profound, it's everything that rock should be.

PINK FLOYD Dogs -- This Orwellian tune, from the vastly underrated 'Animals' album, follows the life of your usual alpha business-type, who thinks nothing of stabbing fellow-workers in the back as he climbs over the bodies that pave the road to his success and practices his character assassinations to precision.

Produced by the legendary Tony Visconti, this song was a huge hit, reaching No. Highway to Hell Now we're back to Bon Scott territory!

How to write a rock song for beginners

I re-used the modulation idea from the verse to the chorus raising the key up a 3rd by taking the key up from G in the chorus to Bb for the solo. That way can definitely work, but I prefer writing music first and having that suggest the concept to me later. To surprise the listener, I added a fourth section to the song by singing a new melody over the chorus chords and elaborating lyrically on the idea the song is trying to evoke. Must be artistic license, as 'Paradise by the Winnebago Lights' just doesn't have the same ring. Or a piece of 'Pie', as it were. It doesn't get much easier than "TNT", with it's super-simple riff and straightforward structure. Whatever you do, make it something the listener can look forward to. The tab might look a bit complex, but remember that all you have to do is hold down the open chord shapes - the picking hand does the rest. Hoist your missen masts and tie down your yard arms. It's a killer rock 'n' roll track that influenced Jimmy Page on his journey to stardom.

This requires good finger independence, so if you're struggling then check out this lesson. Melody For Verse Once I had that riff I thought about what it made me feel; what images it conjured up to me visually.

Being "banned in guitar shops" doesn't alter the fact that this epic from Zep's fourth album is undeniably better than ANY other song because it somehow manages to cram pretty much every single rock genre into one sprawling eight minute slice of brilliance.

how to write a theme song

Following the solo, I needed to get back to the original key of the chorus and I did so by utilizing an Fsus4 to F major chord followed by a Gsus4 to G major chord which lead me back to the first chord of the chorus, C major.

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The Greatest EVER Rock Song