Internet and culture

How is the internet transforming local cultures

This technique offers the ability to regulate the credibility of given authors by subjecting their comments to direct "quantifiable" approval ratings. The influence of the Internet has been most significant in the way it has transformed the lives of young people. This technology ought to be perceived as a resource that can be utilized by social and political movements looking for a communication infrastructure to promote their cause. Risk-averse attitudes which verge on paranoia emerged as one the defining features of contemporary child-rearing culture. Most people had to call their local bank to check their statements. Technology and Culture The Internet and social media are very powerful tools that can influence and shape human behavior. October Learn how and when to remove this template message Cyberculture, like culture in general, relies on establishing identity and credibility. Top creators can make tens of thousands of dollars a month. It is essential to study the effects it produces so we can learn how to limit the adverse effects and boost the benefits. Other subscriptions are also rising across the board. They are already drawn towards radical Islam and are looking for a medium to express their ideals and interact with those who share their sentiments. Conversely, anonymous postings are inherently incredible. Last week, the music service Spotify announced that its subscriber base increased by two-thirds in the last year, to 50 million from 30 million.

Local cultural traditions are losing out in the long run in the era of standardisation that has been ushered in by the Internet. Self-expression is not the same thing as imagination.

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There is parasitic copying or blatant piracy on the Internet; as copyright laws do not exist or are not enforced strictly, information is lifted from sites and shared freely without any regard to respecting the creativity, individuality and original efforts of individuals.

In an architecture that allows anonymous posting about other works, the credibility being impacted is only that of the product for sale, the original opinion expressed, the code written, the video, or other entity about which comments are made e.

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However, many of these changes are now evident in society. Sincethe Internet started to take off.

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It could also make for a profound shift in the way we find and support new cultural talent. The flourishing of online dating offers a striking example of how the construction of significant relationships can draw on the resources provided by the social media.

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Internet and Culture Essay