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The Gaelic written alphabet used in Irish literature is an adapted form of the Latin alphabet.

Scottish gaelic alphabet

Morgan Originally Welsh, Morgan stems from elements meaning "circle" and, possibly, "sea. In Irish it's pronounced as 'ah' or as the 'a' in 'cat'. I think I've seen this before; it's a modern interpretation. However, this may also be a boys' name, like Tommy. The Irish alphabet uses 24 of the 26 letters of the English alphabet, as opposed to the original number of Kyle Kyle started out as a Scottish surname derived from the personal name Caol. So, for example, the country 'Qatar' is translated as 'Catar' and pronounced similarly. See also Erica. Ruth Ruth has never been terribly popular in Ireland; most Old Testament names that aren't also the names of saints were made popular by Protestants after the Reformation. There is very little early literature in Scottish Gaelic as it was mainly an oral culture. Start a trend! Felicia Felicia was never translated into Irish, but

There isn't really a feminine form, but you could make one Chloe Chloe is from Greek, meaning "blooming. Jamie, Jaime, Jami, Jaymie etc.

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Irene comes from a Greek name meaning "peace. Chroi, is it five separate letters or 4 using for oi? However, one influence from Gaelic is the way many Irish people pronounce the letter 'a'. Originally, it was a pet form used in various European countries. Natalie, Natasha, Natalia These names are all derived from the Latin root natal meaning "birth. You could also use an unrelated Irish name that sounds similar: Emer EE mur. However, you can translate by meaning. But since Isabel la is just another form of Elizabeth, why not? This name was originally a Celtic goddess, and means perhaps "high goddess. The normal Irish anglicization is Donough, while in Scotland the same name was rendered Duncan. Dionysus was the Greek god of wine. See Modern Irish Names for a more detailed explanation for Megan and friends. Shaylee, Shailey, Shaley, Shayley etc.

The cognate of this name in Irish is Fionnuir. It is important to remember also the elongated forms of vowels.

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While this word isn't actually used as a name in Irish, I don't see why it couldn't! For example 'an-mhaith' which is pronounced 'an-wah' means 'very good'.

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These are all feminine forms of Alexander. Reply Shawn May 4, at am Katie as far as I understand, those pairings are based on sound.. In Irish, there is no feminine equivalent of Domhnall, which is usually anglicized Donal. Would you please send it to me as I want to make sure that it is correct. Most of the Gaelic letters are pronounced somewhat similarly to their English equivalent. Thus Sabrann is probably as good a translation as any. The problem with adding the modern "in" to male names to make female versions, is that "in" is also used for men. However, if you want to stretch it a bit So, you could also use a name meaning "holly" to partially translate Leslie. If you enter Daithi in to our Ogham translator it will give you the correct translation. This isn't actually a name in Irish, but there's no reason it couldn't be!

You could also use an unrelated Irish name that sounds similar: Emer EE mur. Overall 1.

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Shaylee, Shailey, Shaley, Shayley etc.

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