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Below is a brief overview of each type and the remedies for them. Redgrave said Hurd could inspect the accounts to check the claim, but Hurd did not do so.

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The phrase shall be so liable was read literally to mean "liable as in fraudulent misrepresentation". This does not include so-called puffing, or the glowing opinions of a seller in the course of a sales pitch such statements as "you'll love this car," or "it's a great deal". A statement made with conscious ignorance or a reckless disregard for the truth can create liability. Fraudulent misrepresentation is defined is the 3-part test in Derry v Peek , where the defendant is fraudulent if he: i knows the statement to be false, [66] or ii does not believe in the statement, [67] [38] or iii is reckless as to its truth. In contract [80] and tort, [81] damages will be awarded if the breach of contract or breach of duty causes foreseeable loss. Rescission is an equitable remedy which is not always available. To create liability for the maker of the statement, a misrepresentation must be relied on by the listener or reader. This is known as the fiction of fraud and also extends to tortious liability. In such a contract dispute, the party that made the misrepresentation becomes the defendant, and the aggrieved party is the plaintiff.

Paul, Minn. Remedy: The misled party may rescind and claim damages for all directly consequential losses. In some situations, such as where a fiduciary relationship is involved, misrepresentation can occur by omission.

It may have the effect of making an otherwise valid contract void or at least voidable. Negligent misrepresentation is simply the default category.

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Misrepresentation in English law To amount to a misrepresentation, the statement must be untrue or seriously misleading. This is a misrepresentation. It is not necessary for the representation to have been be received directly; it is sufficient that the representation was made to another party with the intention that it would become known to a subsequent party and ultimately acted upon by them.

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