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Reliable and effective finite element procedures are discussed with their applications to the solution of general problems in solid, structural, and fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, and fluid-structure interactions.

For example, an exam usually occurs in a uni-sensory mode: filling bubbles or writing essay answers.

mit opencourseware law

Feedback frequently concerned speed. Ready to get started?

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Quick Links. More collegiate and post-collegiate learning is moving online as students seek educational alternatives, wishing to attend classes on a flexible schedule. By simultaneously reading and listening to information, several learning centers are stimulated, improving recall. In many respects, we are a bit of both. I have problems with internet connectivity so if the video stops or is not loading I can go ahead and follow by reading the transcript and then decide if I will refresh to continue viewing the video if it is necessary to see the visuals the lecturer provided. Through our research, we have been able to pinpoint six interesting ways MIT students use interactive video transcripts. I also found the feature kept me focused on the lecture. College lectures, jam-packed with content, should be no different.

Applications include finite element analyses, modeling of problems, and interpretation of numerical results. Lecture Notes PDF 2. Specifically, the ability to go faster!

This is consistent with studies showing that the multi-sensory learning model has positive implications for understanding science.

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Quick Links. Multi-sensory learning is a teaching best practice.

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Our sample size has allowed us to determine a multitude about the way students prefer to learn online. The governing continuum mechanics equations, conservation laws, virtual work, and variational principles are used to establish effective finite element discretizations and the stability, accuracy, and convergence are discussed. Our interactive transcript plugin allows for the ability to print or download a transcript , allowing students to take away study tools after the lecture is complete. The concept of dual coding theory indicates that multi-sensory learning styles are more effective because often we can only absorb only so much through one medium. Feedback frequently concerned speed. Finite element methods and solution procedures for linear and nonlinear analyses are presented using largely physical arguments. If you build it, they will come. Lecture Notes PDF 2. In many cases this had to do with our transcript search feature , the ability to search for a keyword and jump to that specific point, not only in the lecture but throughout the course videos.

Furthermore, Our interactive transcript plugin allows for the ability to print or download a transcriptallowing students to take away study tools after the lecture is complete.

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