Objetos de la clase writing activity

The communicative and the more recent task-based approaches have stressed the importance of spoken language in the learning process. All eleven positions. After two or three of these free-speaking role reversal classes, I introduce a more structured form of fluency practice.

Next, say the numbers in sets of three with only a minimal pause between the numbers.

los objetos de la clase worksheet answers

Hold the rectangle in both hands. Beginners are quickly able to hear, instantly process, and immediately carry out these more complex commands.

Objetos de la clase worksheet pdf

You can expand a simple drawing by adding details: Draw a fat man. Extralinguistic support-A crucial element in FL teaching. While space does not permit a detailed presentation, I would like to mention several ways in which actions can be used within a larger unit of discourse. Students introduced more significant and evaluative elements in the final production than in the initial text; for instance, they used more colours yellow, pink, blonde, brown, black, green, blue ; shapes square, rectangular ; and new vocabulary starfish, sponge, pineapple, friendly, enthusiasm, stupid, pretty, intelligent based on the characteristics of their favourite fictional characters. You will need a long list of commands. Additionally, initial and final productions were written in the present tense and in the third singular person. Seven positions commands 4. English Grammar through Actions 2nd ed.

International Journal of English Studies, 1 2— The above mentioned questions were integrated into table 1 see the appendix. He is holding an umbrella in one hand, and a flower in the other.

Los objetos de la clase worksheet answers

English Teaching Forum, 25 2 , The pupils' level of English varied significantly, mainly due to the fact that some of them attended English classes privately outside of school. It can also be used after a series of pictures has been drawn on the board and erased there was a tree; there were two hearts , or after a large composite drawing involving spatial relationships inside a rectangle has been drawn and erased there was a cloud at the top. They had to pronounce every word correctly, bearing in mind not only the pronunciation of the individual words, but also the intonation of the sentence. They would be able to listen to themselves speaking English. McKay, T. Asher, J. Moreover, the DS must take place within a maximum of 10 days.

Sentence Combining Oral-motor sentence combining Kalivoda, b helps the students to gain control over more complex structures with phrases and clauses. In the upper right-hand corner, draw a chair.

The latter would consist of describing a fictional character; therefore, the third workshop was designed around the characters appearing in the Grimm's fairly tales.

objetos de la clase worksheet pdf

For instance, a student standing in front of the class is directed to point to, cover, and touch her face. As they also study this type of compositions in the First Language classroom, this will allow them to establish connections between both languages and to understand the internal logic of a text.

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