Operation management assignment cds

Journal of Operations Management, 20, pp.

draw a 4 vs profile for the company?s products and services

Functional strategy looks at ways in which individual functions can contribute to the overall objective of the organization. At the strategic level, operation management shall take into consideration the design of the home ware.

Operation management assignment cds

Adding value to the end product can be done when the resources are used in an effective as well as efficient manner. Erickson , stated that the main reason operations and marketing functions in an organization have conflict is due to their perceived differing objectives. The consolidation of the service offered is usually accompanied by a strong initiative to improve the efficiency, quality and delivery time of the services provided, and the creation of additional services to supplement the service offering. This has provided the organization leverage when dealing with design houses. CDS have in its employ professionally respected designers with the know-how of translating difficult technical designs into manufacturable saleable products. At the strategic level, operation management shall take into consideration the design of the home ware. Hence, it shall be seen that operations management shall be referred to as one of the critical aspects at the operational and strategic level. Operations strategy looks at the patterns of strategic decisions and actions in a bid to set the roles, objectives and activities of the operations Slack et al. Evidenced in CDS operations is the implementation of two of the identified perspectives; Market requirement and Operations resource perspective. The formulation of these strategies will determine how the different organizational strategies will interact with one another Zanon et al. Coming towards CDS, it is an integrated services provider. This will then result in a need for an urgent test of the moulds. Bill Gates trust on the fundamental principle which is manager and worker both of us know that what they are expecting from that work like sales manager understands the sales, service manager….

This will see it contributing to the competitive advantage of the firm Slack et al. Finally, recommendations that will ensure operations develop with the new growth plan is presented to management.

Operations — Movement of goods and passengers, Aircraft maintenance, crew training, piloting, customer service, administration Outbound Logistics — Completion rate.

Baggage handling - Hotel. When an organization is producing or providing services, a certain amount of operations are being taken place to enable the organization to fulfill their task.

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The case study highlights the manufacturing operations which shall are carried out in facility which is situated 20 kilometers away from the Head Office. While marketing tends to emphasise improved service features that appeal to customers, operations focus more on efficiency and cost control Nie and Young Exploring the operations practices and technologies that deliver advanced services. Operations managers are concerned with each step in providing a product or service. Strategic marketing and the resorce-based view of the firm. Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 22 7 , pp. They have managed to build for themselves a reputation of being able to overcome problems with designs regardless of its nature. Operation management at the strategic level will help to will help to resolve the issues relating to sales forecast. To identify the different strategy types within CDS, there is first a need to understand what strategy is.

It seeks to identify current strategy types evidenced in the organization and the role operations play in the implementation of this strategies. The servitization of manufacturing.

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Why Is Operations Management Important in Cds?