People shouldnt be judged based on how they dress

dont judge someone by their clothes

Just a month ago, NYPD police claimed that a year-old woman could not possibly be a rape victim because she posted provocative selfies. It's not even close to impossible, but it takes a lot of spare time to figure out who you are and thus who other people areand, if you're a writer, even more time to figure out how to translate that into something that people would actually watch.

To sum up, although the appearance and clothes is necessary to indicate the character and social status, I personally believe that it is not wise to judge person by seeing the material that people use.

Judging peoples clothes

Furthermore, individuals can identify the social status of society. Those are the only clothes you can buy. She later issued an apology saying that victims are never to be blamed for being assaulted. The best of luck to you and we're here should you need our assistance. It is because there is a need for society to see women as human beings and honor their complexity. When not into writing, she paints. So you can people-watch all you want, and you will see some chicks and dudes in very tight pants, but you can never see someone the way they see themselves. What an attention seeker! In a sense, we can't help it. It's not quite at the point where literally everyone in the world might as well be blind although the conversion of Hollywood to a radio drama industry would save a lot of money , but it is at the point where we are blind to others' self-images, and I don't remember ever being told that, so I'm saying it now.

You can't judge by appearance because it's even more meaningless than you think, we're hidden behind so many layers that I'm only scratching the surface of, and The Prejudiced are even stupider and lazier and more misanthropic than we realize.

Furthermore, individuals can identify the social status of society.

judging someone by their clothes

Never we should judge a woman by her dresses. We'll look at megaPhotos in virtualBooks of the 21st century with its old-timey non-self-cleaning fabric drapings, and we'll not be able to draw any conclusions about individual people, because they all look the same.

Dont judge me by my clothes quotes

Like me on Facebook for updates about muh new webseries, or I'll get you Having to consider that everyone you meet could be paradoxically different inside is a wearying prospect, so it's natural to just want to take things at face value, and the vicious circle emerges. People like to dress up for themselves, not for everyone else. What happened to the good old days of ruffs and pantaloons and burlap rags and samurai armor and mammoth hides and Zubaz and those giant rings that stretch out your neck? I guess the way we dress each day is a choice in how we will be perceived by others. Being a woman, I can say that women like dressing up for themselves too. The point is that there is and shall always be a massive disconnect between how we see ourselves and how others see us, but the only view of ourselves that matters is our own. Being better is just time-consuming and moreover, you don't want to fall into the trap of having TOO MUCH spare time to imagine things , but this is a world where artists are less rich and famous than you think and happy people are more depressed than you think and addicts are more addicted than you think and you yourself aren't who you were or who you want to be or neither or both or some fifth thing that I lack the imagination to even conceive of. The level of modesty a female victim is perceived to have in her clothing choices is irrelevant — she is not to blame for the actions of her perpetrators. Continue Reading Below 1 Because We Have No Imagination I can watch a video of people on drugs , actively knowing that they're on drugs, and I still can't tell that they're on drugs. The way women dress is more heavily scrutinized because they have been objectified and sexualized. I have a few reasons as to why and I'm stickin' around to tell you. Furthermore, individuals can identify the social status of society. And I won't deny it - I'm like any other girl my age, I like pretty things.

We forget their humanity in the process. Caju Gomes Reducing the complexity of a woman to her body or equating her character to the way she dresses has been a damaging way to deny women their humanity and to victim-shame survivors of sexual assault and rape.

My point here is, we live in a world where judging has become that nasty cough people can't seem to get rid of. Society should know by now that this is a crime driven by a need for power, not by passion or sexual desire.

People shouldnt be judged based on how they dress

Rather than focusing on what others are wearing, we need to focus on their great qualities. Now, should we treat women as independent agents, responsible for themselves? The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Judging a woman by her clothes quotes

I assume you are assuming right now. Just a month ago, NYPD police claimed that a year-old woman could not possibly be a rape victim because she posted provocative selfies. Usually when I hit the shops I'm wearing floral dresses or my work clothes, and I never usually have a problem. But being responsible has nothing to do with being raped. This expectation of modesty has been placed on women far too long and has been used against them to excuse, minimize and rationalize horrific acts of violence. You can never win. Those are the only clothes you can buy. I don't have a problem, but your problem is that everyone dresses the same because once something is in fashion, guess what? It's only class. We don't know, and because we're afraid to not know something, we act like we do, and we look, and we assume I know I sure do. On the other hand, I personally believe that public should not be judged by looking at the appearance and style as characteristic and behavior are predominantly making people more care each other. We need to spend more time examining the contents, and less time criticising the packaging. If a person is wearing old and worn out clothing, that does not make them poor.
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People should not be judged by clothes they wear