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Thus, Nike segments the market in three core bases concerning benefits, which are the Utility in order consumers to accomplish high performance, the Style where individuals follow the fashion brand statement and the Technology bases, which gives customers the opportunity to own innovative shoes such as Air Max.

This research is particularly outstanding for the reader because it will analyze the STP strategy of a well-known company that produces sports equipment, which is Nike. United States of America: University of Iowa.

nike knew their target market

Statista dossier about Nike. Know who you might lose and who you might gain into your audience as you entertain ideas and build up brand equity. However, if the first marketing choice is market segmentation, how does Nike group consumers based on common needs?

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Thus, Nike segments market in lower, upper middle and upper class, where in the last group, the company provides sports equipment in limited editions, which could be bought only from individuals with high income Bilotti, Above all, Nike has established its place in fashion, where company's products define certain groups' lifestyle Chang, First and most important to be told is that Nike targets customers between years old, with greater weight to teens in order to build long-term loyal consumers.

Although each type of segment defines groups of customers with similar needs, it is ordinary implementation in marketing to combine segmentation variables, such as geodemographic segmentation, for more effective approach in certain circumstances Ali Mahdi et al, Nike does something exceptional.

Visualizing brand personality and personal branding: case analysis on Starbucks and Nike's brand value co-creation on Instagram. Respectively, does not take into account the life cycle to segment the market Statista, If your goal is to reinforce existing relationships, take a cue from Nike.

Ali Mahdi, H.

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NIKE’s Target Market Today And Tomorrow