Recording analysing and using hr information 2 essay

Is this what you would have expected? Words: - Pages: 10 Analysing Financial Information This helps when it comes to carrying out staff appraisals as both the aforementioned types of data can be taken into account when trying to decide on this. They will generally have specific objectives and be geared towards implementation by operational level employees. Also payroll supports the HR practice as reports can be easily produced for budgeting purposes. Other benefits would be that documents can be given an expiry date so that they are not kept any longer than necessary and finding documents may be easier as search processes may be used. The difference between them is that the primary sources are often original data collected through "instruments" such as surveys, interviews, questionnaires, "focus groups," etc. Words: - Pages: 2 Recording and Using Hr This helps when it comes to carrying out staff appraisals as both the aforementioned types of data can be taken into account when trying to decide on this. Absence management being one of the functions Daniels refers to. HR data collection is imperative to be able to establish a point of reference for the company to be able to measure against it i.

Records need to be kept for sick pay purposes but it is also beneficial to the organisation to know who among your employees is off at any time and for what reason, this will help manage disruption to the business and will also help when managing costs.

Absenteeism and holidays, this allows you to monitor levels of sickness throughout departments, you would keep this to identify high sickness areas and create solutions for the problem areas, we also have a trigger system set up to allow us to automatically recognise problem areas. The later sections of this report will give results of the various ratios, reasons for using ratio analysis, description of the ratios, findings, analysis and recommendation for Bravo LTD, limitations to the use of ratio analysis in this report and limitations to the use of ratio analyses in general.

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Recording analysing and using hr information 2 essay

This report will review an organisations approach to collecting, storing and using HR data. It also allows you to ensure that staffs have their full holiday entitlement, this can assist you in deciding whether or not to grant holidays as you can ensure that you have adequate cover for the dates being requested and make sure that your work rate will not be affected within a certain time.

Non-food items 4. HR data is recorded for due diligence in the event of a business transfer, it may be that all or part of the employment is transferred and therefore employees would be entitled to the same terms and conditions as they enjoyed with the previous organisation. Obtaining, recording or simply holding data is equivalent to processing it. Our HR Department is responsible for maintaining and ensuring all legal documents of our Organisation are retained in a safe environment as a large amount of this data is private and confidential. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. HR data is collected in order to record contractual arrangements and agreements, although this is also a legal requirement, it is good practice to provide written particulars of employment as problems are less likely to arise when parties are clear about what has been agreed. What factors could explain the differences in the salaries? Failure to comply with this legislation can lead to errors, accidents, increased absence, breakdown of the psychological contract, poor employee engagement, poor retention rates, a bad corporate reputation and can result in serious financial consequences such as fines, legal action or closure of business in extreme cases.

Words: - Pages: 7 Hr Analysing Data Options 6. This will be used to express the relationships between different performance in the company in both and Gowthorpe introduced the following 5 categories of ratios.

Why does this organisation need to keep employee records identify at least two reasons? Academic Journals, textbooks, and research papers are all example of academic information.

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Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information Assignment