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Time and place are flexible, provided that your figure represents a Mediterranean culture from antiquity up to 7th c. Don't bury readers in jargon. Perhaps just as important is be human.

importance of social media in project management

This fun assignment engages students with the readings and explores their creative sides. Effort made beyond the weekly posts is not necessary, but they can only work in your favor and are therefore encouraged. Students are going to use social media regardless, so teachers might as well take advantage of this and turn social media into an engaging educational tool.

Do what you can to help others. You can use photos, videos, links, or any other media that you find relevant. This is meant to be a community that interestingly spans time and space. Too often in long-form essays, students stray from their thesis and lose track of the central point.

These fun social media assignments are bound to make students excited about learning again.

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