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Working Conditions Updated Mar 11, Songwriters often work alone, although they sometimes work together as collaborators. An internship is seen as a great way to make the transition from student status to the world of work and many college music programs either include an internship experience as a graduation requirement or make it an option.

As an apprentice, a fifth of your time will be spent on education, either at a college, university or training organisation. Mention your reason for sending and what is enclosed.

The more letters you write, the easier it gets and the better you will become at it.

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Being able to include such experience on your CV shows employers that you're passionate, resourceful, committed and able to use your initiative. The main point is you should know as much as possible about the music industry, as befits your goals, interests, background, and the internship you are applying for.

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Instead, try to figure out in advance exactly why they are hiring for the role and talk about your understanding of how to solve the specific problems they are facing. Songwriting is a very personal process; there are as many ways to write a song as there are people who write them. They may hire side musicians or singers to perform as well. As a Hiring Manager, I have read many hundreds or thousands of cover letters and I can tell you the majority of them are poorly written, unenthusiastic, and uninspiring. First: Look at the Big Picture Before you sit down to write a great cover letter to get you that record label internship, you will need to do some research. You will be competing with others who may be equally or better qualified so you will want to put your best foot forward at every step of the process. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show the reader of your letter you have done your homework. Having said all this, there are also protocols for use of email. Career Articles. Minimum apprenticeship wages are fixed by the government.

Do what it takes to be that engaging, smart, well-informed candidate. A number of organisations provide music internships, but beware of unpaid opportunities.

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to show the reader of your letter you have done your homework. So if you become an apprentice, who pays for your courses? Always sign your letter above your printed name. Advertisement Music apprenticeships The apprenticeship route is a great alternative to university study. Music therapist Industry internships To stand out from the crowd and to demonstrate your passion and dedication to employers work experience and internships are essential. Nobody likes to read long emails on their phone, so keep the body of the email as short as possible. There are many resources for these statistics online but you will notice discrepancies so be sure to keep track of where you get your numbers from, in case you are asked. Sony Music, Universal Music Group and Warner Music all offer industry placements or internships in a variety of functions such as administration, marketing, promotions, digital, communication and artist relations and commercial sales. There are many good candidates in the market and in order to succeed, you will need to stand out in comparison to all the rest.

You might have studied these areas in your college courses but since the industry is changing rapidly you should make sure you are armed with the most current numbers and statistics. Don't waste it: unusual apprenticeships for a career lift Read more In fact, some employers pay above the minimum rate, especially in high-cost areas such as London.

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