Strategic management and possesses good customer essay

Strategic management and possesses good customer essay

The concept of strategic management described in this article differs somewhat from that of H. Only a few companies that we studied are clearly managed strategically, and all of them are multinational, diversified manufacturing corporations. In terms of external competitive advantage there has been reduced complexity and improvement in accuracy of the orders as compared to hand written orders this in return means more satisfaction to the customer which in return result to competitive advantage Porter, , p. In other situations, strategy may dictate a concerted thrust by several business units to meet the needs of a shared customer group, such as selling to the automotive industry or building a corporate position in Brazil. A strategy is the direction and scope of an organization over the long term. And Phase II companies typically regard portfolio positioning as the end product of strategic planning, rather than as a starting point. Porter, E. Obviously, not all the companies in our sample fit the pattern precisely, but the generalizations are broadly applicable to all. Mere planning has lost its glamor; the planners have all turned into strategists. Innovative design approaches have since enabled the manufacturer to increase volume substantially while halving the number of workers in its assembly plant. Thus, the customer centric brand creates products, processes, policies and a culture that is designed to support customers with a great experience as they are working towards their goals.

This strategy has helped the company to make gains in customer support and service in almost all the segments of video and internet. The company continues to create products, services and strategies that are almost revolutionary.

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These are relationship marketing and the internet marketing Gordon, , p. More importantly, it is an excellent advertising medium. Shared concern planning—In some large companies, a distinct level of planning responsibility is required to devise strategies that meet the unique needs of certain industry or geographic customer groups or to plan for technologies e. Even when additional planning levels are required, these companies need not insert another level of organizational hierarchy in order to plan shared resources or customer sector problems. Creating a new brand within the current competitive environment would require significant investment, to either buy out a current producer or set up a new range of products in the beauty care sector. Analysis of the Current Strategy The capability of an organization to anticipate and then adjust to the environmental changes is referred to as strategy or strategic change and is based on an open system of models. Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. Our findings indicate that formal strategic planning does indeed evolve along similar lines in different companies, albeit at varying rates of progress. This cannot be done with a CRM system without a good strategy that puts the employees on the right track. However, this dependence on the external delivery companies is very critical. Due to the fact that customers position a product in mind based on its benefits and features, the USW Student ID: Page 14 of 21 firm may base its positioning strategy on a variety of features such as price, quality, emotion, product user, product use, attributes, etc. It has found that well-managed businesses in relatively stable industries can often exist quite comfortably with routine monitoring against strategic goals every quarter and an intensive strategic review every three to five years. Procedures develop to forecast revenue, costs, and capital needs and to identify limits for expense budgets on an annual basis. These were purchased and they included hardware and software costs. International business, new manufacturing process technology, the value of our products to customers, and alternative channels of distribution have all been used successfully.

Briefly this strategy allows Amazon to effectively communicate to its target customers in a way that persuades them to visit and buy their online products.

With respect to Comcast, the company has followed the classic definition of strategic management and strategy formation. Shared concern planning—In some large companies, a distinct level of planning responsibility is required to devise strategies that meet the unique needs of certain industry or geographic customer groups or to plan for technologies e.

For example: A major chemical company found that several of its competitors, who had grown large enough to integrate backward into feedstock production, were beginning to gnaw at its historic competitive edge as a fully integrated producer.

It has been discovered that despite containers being the fastest and cheapest way to move a good from one point to another, it is not being widely used in many third world countries.

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This strategy allows adjustment of price based on the market conditions but is also complemented by value- based pricing strategy which considers the product value and market preferences.

In the event that this strategy succeeds, the Company can enjoy the benefits of Economies of Scale due to its expansion programs Porter,p. Although Amazon has successful positioned itself a global e-commerce company, it still has to struggle with many emerging competitors since many offline companies are currently becoming online.

For example, being the only producer of yellow based foundations.

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Entering in a new market might involve operating in a new territory, which in this case can be a new country. Open communication, rather than the preservation of confidentiality.

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Strategic Management Case Study