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We used ethnicity Chinese, Malay, India, or Others to indicate culture and used education primary or lower, secondary, or tertiary and life-long major occupation executive and professional, technician and clerk, service worker and salesperson, manual worker, or homemaker for socioeconomic status.

The final sample of all interviews contains 22 men and 27 women with a mean age of Advanced life events ALEs that impede aging-in-place among seniors.

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We organized these groups by different levels of SES with the consideration of proper gender and ethnic composition. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Pulitzer prize—winning author Jared Diamond says successful aging for him is enjoying life, being productive and continuing to do the things he is good at doing. BMC Geriatr. With the agreement of participants, all interviews were audio recorded with written field notes and later transcribed. New research has shown that important paradoxes exist regarding how we think about old age and how we actually age. Aging is a women's issue in many ways- among those 85 and older, there are five women for every two men.

Diamond says his closest professional colleague and mentor was the biologist Ernst Mayr, who published his 22nd book on his th birthday — certainly a role model for Professor Diamond. In addition, the randomization was designed to ensure that each respondent was presented with at least one male and one female vignette.

Successful Aging and a Meaningful Life Older people often say that successful aging involves being productive, being mentally fit, and, most importantly, being able to lead a meaningful life. Four out of five centurions are women.

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Geriatr Gerontol Int. Vasara P. PYL is currently being disseminated nationally and can be accessed freely. The main aim of this study is to investigate components of lay perception of successful aging among elderly Singaporeans and to compare with the model of Rowe and Kahn.

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The Facts on Successful Aging