The authenticity of the elections essay

How did we go from Dirksen to The Donald in such a short time?

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While political blogging continues to exist, public attention is now focused on the Twitter feeds and Facebook posts of politicians.

He finds that politicians like Everett Dirksen, or even Franklin Roosevelt, would fare badly today simply because of their highbrow rhetoric, which is no longer politically acceptable. The phrase should not, however, be interpreted to mean that verification must occur at particular stages of the process.

Nothing limits them to compromises beneficial to their voters.

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However, building upon cryptographic methods initially developed by computer scientist and cryptographer David Lee Chaum, researchers have developed an approach called end-to-end E2E verifiability.

By the same token, wide majorities will make exceptions when faced with a clear and present danger. Authenticity was to be the guarantor of equality and fairness.

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Political authenticity versus neutrality in the classroom (essay)