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These are the recommendations made in the Springfield Master Plan. Smaller communities, residential districts and rural areas having few fire calls usually depend upon volunteer or paid-on-call fire-fighters for either full staffing of their firefighting apparatus or to assist a skeleton force of full-time regulars. For workers who survive critical events, there is often a period of denial followed by a period of depression and distracted behaviour. The following check list was used to evaluate possible fire station sites in Evanston, Illinois. The American City editorial suggests that cities try out the Kansas City proposal without absorbing open space needed for recreation. In addition, proper protective clothing must be provided and maintained. Locate maintenance shops and training school together so that personnel and equipment from the shops can be used in the training program. The fewer deficiency points a city receives, the better its rating. The site should be convenient to, but not within, the high value district of the center of the city so that companies in training and reserve equipment will be readily available if needed for fire fighting. More companies turn out for an alarm for a fire in a high-value or congested area than for a fire in a sparsely settled residential district. They are well aware of the hazards. Gaps in the fire protection system may be discovered from experience or in the process of arranging schedules of response. Despite the obvious exposure to carcinogens inhaled in smoke, it has been difficult to document an excess in mortality from lung cancer big enough and consistent enough to be compatible with occupational exposure. By becoming fire-fighters, people join an organization rich in heritage of dedication, unselfish sacrifice and inspired human action. Aortic Aneurysm Few studies have accumulated sufficient deaths among fire-fighters from this cause to achieve statistical significance.

The structural fire-fighter must be outfitted with heavy fire-resistant fibre suits and a self-contained breathing apparatus. Fire stations are treated as public services and may be placed in any district, provided the location is approved by the planning commission. They are well aware of the hazards.

The number of companies that respond to a first alarm and to subsequent alarms depends on the fire hazard in the area where the fire breaks out, the size of the city, and the total fire fighting force.

The Emperor Augustus established a public fire department in 24 BCE, composed of slaves distributed amongst seven fire stations in Rome. It [the firehouse] should not be on a heavily traveled street because of difficulty and danger in entering the traffic stream.

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The central station could not be relocated at any great distance. The increased relative risks for lymphatic and haematopoietic cancers appear to be unusually high. Thus, firefighting became a municipal or local government function in most parts of the world. The type of organization employed will, in most cases, depend on the size of the community, the value of the property to be protected, the types of fire risk and the number of calls typically answered. Rescuing victims is an especially stressful activity. Most ordinances do not specify in which districts fire houses may be located. Walls, ceilings and floors can collapse abruptly, trapping fire-fighters. Dwelling owners gain a rate reduction of approximately 7. Instead, " retained firefighters " are paid for responding to incidents, along with a small salary for spending long periods of time on call. In both cases, the workers are dealing with a potential hazard in which the fundamental problem is uncertainty.

Increasing ventilation can lead to much damage to property. Lung Cancer Lung cancer has been the most difficult cancer site to evaluate in epidemiological studies of fire-fighters.

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It is one that requires a high sense of personal dedication, a genuine desire to help people and a devotion to a profession that requires a high level of skill. Firefighting is perhaps the most representative emergency and security service.

Additional equipment must be summoned from outside the city. Where there are only a few regulars, a supplementary group of well-trained call or volunteer fire-fighters should be provided.

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