The nuclear arms race of the united states and the ussr

how did the arms race affect the soviet economy

This assumes that the arms manufacturers have a common interest in fostering a climate of fear to increase sales to the military. Soviet leaders became even more intransigent in negotiations, determined to show they would not be intimidated.

An American study considered how many megaton thermonuclear weapons would be needed to utterly destroy the Soviet Union.

the arms race between the united states and the soviet union began when brainly

Additionally, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had taught that the surprise attack was the tool of aggressors. Between them they represent a huge investment in productive capacity and expertise. Activities Take a ten question quiz about this page.

Cold war

Even then, the development of cruise missile technology, which produced cheap, easily transportable and concealable weapons, opened new problems for verification measures. Bush on their cooperative threat reduction legislation. Indeed there is reason to suspect that the real purpose in using them was less to force a Japanese defeat than to warn the Soviet Union to be amenable to American wishes in the construction of the postwar world. Peace campaigners had other concerns. These treaties were only partially successful. They both spent billions and billions of dollars trying to build up huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons. Yet by the mid s peace research groups, such as the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, were variously reporting that enough atomic weaponry had been stockpiled to exterminate humanity times. Also during the s a new technological development arose that threatened whatever stability MAD offered. If we could begin limiting our arsenals during the Cold War, we can continue to do so today. As the arms race progressed the chances of this happening became increasingly unlikely. Governments, it has been suggested, used the arms race to fuel fears of a foreign threat to enhance patriotism, national unity and their own authority. However, the proposal was refused due to disagreements over Reagan's SDI.

It is unclear how seriously president Harry S. But could the Soviet Union afford to assume it would never work and ignore it?

causes of arms race

A new technology, known as multiple-independently targetable re-entry vehicle MIRVallowed single missiles to hold and launch multiple nuclear missiles at targets while in mid-air.

Today the arsenals of the United States and Russia are less than one-quarter of what they were in Russia has, too, developed ABM missiles in the form of the A anti-ballistic missile system and the later A anti-ballistic missile system.

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The Cold War for Kids: Arms Race