The political impact on fast food industry

Food related regulations grew stricter.

Legal factors affecting fast food industry

The industry was held liable for the increasing childhood obesity. It could be a direct effect, such as a direct tax on restaurants, or it can be more indirect. The fast food industry has faced heavy criticism for targeting young children. Moreover, food is a basic need. Even for people who can shop in supermarkets, the options are still limited. The trouble is that corporations must continue to grow or die. Since the 's, the fast food industry in the United States has grown at an exponential rate. This paper aims at assessing the PESTEL factors that have significantly impacted on the fast food industry in the United States and point out probable future opportunities that the industry may capitalize. Economic surrounding is main concern of any system. Its revenue has grown more than 30 times since then. You can position yourself as a restaurant that maintains a healthy environment free from smoke.

When you deal with political factors affecting the food industry, think of ways you can turn it to your advantage. Not only that, but the convenience of readily made food — despite the unhealthiness — can outweigh the trial and error of cooking food from scratch. All these factors acquire a special importance for businesses operating in a global environment.

Technological Factors Like many other industries, fast food industry is also influenced by changing technological trends and innovation.

pestle analysis of food industry in india

Sustainability too became an important requirement for the entire industry. The social costs of this development have been profound. We hear much in the media these days about the role of personal responsibility when it comes to dietary choices.

pestle analysis of a restaurant business
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Fast Food Industry PESTEL Analysis