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As part of the broader project, I Support was gained for anxiety as a significant risk factor for SRB in some cases, but not as an overall or central explanation for the problem. PRA is a collaborative engagement methodological The findings tentatively challenge the assumption that anxious students who sustain high attendance in school are demonstrating psychological resilience.

Twenty-one studies were reviewed, spanning the past three decades. Klingbeil, Enhancing maintenance and generalization of incremental rehearsal through theory-based modifications Shawna M Petersen-Brown, Direct and indirect effects of textbook modality on adolescents' reading engagement and comprehension Sarah E.

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However, the high attendance group showed non-significant trends towards poorer sleep quality and lower HRV, at the end of the week. The need was highlighted in future research for collective commitment towards addressing a range of terminological, methodological and reporting issues in order to improve comparability between studies, and increase the generalisability of findings.

Implications for Educational Psychology practice and future research are discussed.

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