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The mean potassium concentration is 1. Information about groundwater occurrence and recovery is critical in the arid and semiarid areas because of the poor yearly precipitations rate and over use of groundwater resources in these areas Hussain et al.

If water used for irrigation is high in sodium and low in calcium, the cation-exchange complex may become saturated with sodium. The SAR values are calculated according to the following Eq.

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The mean sulfate concentration is Piper diagram of surface water of the Seybouse River Variation of cations The calcium concentration is about The mean sodium concentration is Groundwater quality depends on different factors such as recharged water quality, rainfall, geochemical processes, and human activities Vasanthavigar et al.

This can destroy the soil structure owing to dispersion of the clay particles.

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Krishikosh: Assessment of Groundwater Quality Index of Tonk District, Rajasthan, India.