Wordq 2 writing aid software applications

It also caters to students who fatigue using a mouse and keyboard combination and to competent typists. WordQ 5 is supplied as a digital download - you will receive a link to download the software.

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Speech recognition with integrated SpeakQ technology supports students who have difficulty with conventional dictation software. MS Word. The Clipboard Manager provides access to previous Windows clipboard items.

The program also automatically inserts a space after the word if this option is selected.

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When the student sees the desired word, he or she simply left-clicks on the word or presses the corresponding function key F1 — F9 and Gus! Requires the appropriate operating system Language Pack to be installed, matching the language of the profile vocabulary. Text reading software reads aloud in a clear and pleasant voice text that is highlighted, including websites, emails and instant-messaging Using text to speech when writing, poor grammar sounds off and bad punctuation disrupts the rhythm Helps only as much as needed with functions that easily turn on or off Allows modifying word prediction to use specific vocabulary or topics Learns which words writer likes to use, for word prediction to work faster Linguistically aligned dictionaries and speech feedback for English, French and Spanish. MS Word. Word prediction does not correct grammar, sort out punctuation or provide creative ideas. No installers, no networks, no delays are experienced. The size of the dictionary in words varies. For students who struggle with translating thoughts into writing, there is reputedly no other tool that interprets what they intend to say. Features can be turned on to only accept and use words that are correctly spelt. WP software on student Notebooks works very well as the student is the sole user of the software.

As students input each character, Gus! Supports current UDL environments recognizing the importance of pedagogy and integration of assistive technology. Penfriend is also available in several European languages including French, Italian, German and Swedish.

Helps with spelling, grammar, and word flow as students write by suggesting words appropriate for elementary and secondary schools; averages less than two keystrokes to predict desired word. Students write faster and produce more, and get help with spelling and grammar with as little as one or two keystrokes.

Prior to giving his speeches, he writes them down and then tries to memorize them. Another popular feature in Soothsayer is where students or educators create individualised sound recordings and attach them to an abbreviation.

Satisfies school testing requirements to ensure WordQ does not offer unfair advantages and to prevent possible cheating. IntelliEdit is a Rich Text Editor powered by smart auto-completion.

Wordq 2 writing aid software applications

It provides slow or reluctant writers or students who often misspell words, a means of developing and entering text confidently without spending all their time worrying about which letter comes next, or finding the right keys. Enhanced Usage Example With parts-of-speech for close-sounding words makes it easier to Easier to appropriately select among close-sounding word suggestions. The box or window colour can usually be customised with text, foreground, highlight and background colour. The more letters entered, the shorter the list and the more accurate the potential selection. The human sounding SAPI 5 voices that are now available in commercial off-the-shelf programs provide clearly articulated speech. There are now a number of different technologies, all offering different pathways and solutions. The software is carried and accessed via a USB thumb drive so no installation of software on host computers is required. This avoids incorrect and annoying repetitive pronunciations especially of place names and proper nouns. Satisfies state requirements to ensure no unfair advantages and to prevent possible cheating. Fast typists often complain that their typing speed is slowed considerably as they have to check the words that are constantly appearing and changing in the word prediction list.
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